Orientation is the beginning of your studies at High Gate, and is designed to welcome you in your new course, meet new students and to get the information and assistance you need to help in your studies at High Gate.

What will happen at Orientation?

At Orientation, you will:

receive an Orientation Pack on your first day at High Gate
meet with our friendly High Gate staff, and new friends
learn about the services and facilities that are available to you as a student

The Orientation Program will cover the following topics (but is not limited to):

High Gate contact information
Student Safety
High Gate Facilities
Student Support Services
Complaints and Appeals Policy
Harassment and Bullying Information (and confirmation that this behaviour is considered ‘student misbehaviour’ for the suspension/cancellation of a student’s enrolment PLUS the potential for this to impact on a student’s visa)
Meeting course progress requirements and intervention strategies (including the availability of English support etc)
Work assignments, group work, research, plagiarism, supervision and course-work expectations
Disciplinary procedures
Recognition of prior learning or qualifications and experience gained
Access & equity, privacy policy, complaints process, mediation
USI Policy
Deferral, leave of absence and Cancellation
Assessments methodology
Student code of conduct
Issuance of qualifications
Payment of Fees and refunds policy
Student Visa Conditions – for main student visa applicants and their family members (if applicable)
ESOS Framework
Introduction to academic and administration team
Health Facilities
Working in Australia
Other useful information

Most importantly Orientation ensures that you are enrolled and organised before you officially start your classes. You will:

receive your timetable
find out the resources you need
get your High Gate Student ID Card

Attendance is compulsory.

What do I need to bring?

a copy of your High Gate Offer Letter
academic transcripts
student visa details
details of Australian address and phone contacts